Accounting & Finance

Strong models and strategies require data that is timely, accurate, comprehensive, and insightful. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a full data suite to drive the most complex modeling and analytical requirements. Automated data collection and processing paired with a streamlined data access pipeline create a powerful platform on which to build faster, easier, and with better information.


DMP has a foundational focus on achieving and maintaining high fidelity, fully-integrated data with the accuracy and availability required to support mission-critical business and regulatory monitoring across the entire organization. Quality means that data is not just accurate and reconciled, but that it is complete and provides the full picture in a standardized, accessible manner.

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DMP's consolidated view of data provides benefits not only for analysis and portfolio management, but also for transparent auditing and oversight into data access and usage across the organization. Control access to sensitive data and track what portfolios and benchmarks are accessed and used throughout your organization.

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All Asset Classes & Currencies

The PAIX model provides a unified language of finance to understand and analyze holdings and actions across any asset class and currency. Expressive definitions of any type of instrument enable clean apples-to-apples comparisons as well as in-depths analysis of exotic products from anywhere in the world.

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Automated collection and processing across all sources and asset classes ensures you can access a complete, accurate view across all portfolios in a single data query. The DMP integrates across custodian sources, separately managed accounts, and private holding statements to a single unified model, allowing easy integration to any analytical or reporting tool with full fidelity and completeness of data.