Clients rely on financial advisors for a transparent, comprehensive view of their portfolios and history as well as a clear roadmap for the future. Financial Advisors differentiate their services by delivering this value in experiences — digital and tangible — that uniquely reflect their clients’ expectations, values, and goals. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) offers the tools necessary to provide differentiated value through proprietary applications of world-class data analytics and transparency. DiFi customers define optimal customer experiences; and the DMP powers them quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Comprehensive View

Automated data collection and processing across all sources and asset classes ensures advisors can see the complete, accurate view in a timely fashion. The DMP integrates across custodian sources, separately managed accounts, and private holding statements to a single unified model, allowing easy integration to any analytical or client-facing service with full fidelity of the portfolio data.

Composites & Profiles

Dynamic householding of assets and grouping of investors support custom views for client reporting and monitoring. Proactive insights generate actionable investor profiles, recommendations, and alerts to streamline portfolio management across a diverse client-base. Combined with built-in analytical tools, the DMP provides unparalleled insight into client portfolios and across managed households and investor groups.


Built-in performance and analytics data accelerates portfolio assessment and makes critical metrics available everywhere quickly. Automated calculations at any level in the investor hierarchy makes it easy to inject powerful analytics into any investor presentation and understand trends across your client-base.

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All Asset Classes & Currencies

The PAIX model provides a unified language of finance to understand and analyze holdings and actions across any asset class and currency. Expressive definitions of any type of instrument enable clean apples-to-apples comparisons as well as in-depths analysis of exotic products from anywhere in the world.

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DMP has a foundational focus on achieving and maintaining high fidelity, fully-integrated data with the accuracy and availability required to drive mission-critical services to differentiate your business and grow your client base. Quality means that data is not just accurate and reconciled, but that it supports wealth managers’ ability to provide contextual insights, powerful connections, and useful references that reflect their proprietary IP.

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