Live-hosted REST-ful JSON API with fully Swagger-compliant structures. API components can be used individually for narrow use-cases, or all together to power complex domain-specific applications.

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Portfolio Data API

Live-hosted API with the full scope of PAIX data available on-demand. Includes full scope of portfolios, positions, and transactions with data at a point-in-time or across a timeseries.

Asset Master API

Standardized asset master API covering all asset types, identifiers, currencies, and historical reference data on an instrument. Records are queryable over time, and by one of any known identifier (Symbol, proprietary identifer, PAIX ID, or market-provided identifier). Data is linked directly to the Portfolio Data APIs on the standardized PAIX ID for each instrument, allowing for easy reference and filtering.

Investor Profiling API

Standard derived and customizable profiles of investors and entities owning accounts, including standard name, Tax ID, and address identifiers, as well as phone, email, ownership status of various assets, and other demographics.

Performance API

On-demand request for time-series performance data on a portfolio-, composite-, or asset-basis, including live-calculated composites and derived analytics. Support for point-in-time date-trailing performance (MTD, 1YR, Inc, etc) as well as periodic time-series data for inclusing in custom analytical models.

User Entitlements API

Granular user-level read/write permisssions, with support for cross-user and cross-firm sharing. Provides administrators fine-grained controls over user access to data with the ability to audit and review which data has been requested.