Engineers & Developers

Modern applications require rapid access to vast quantities of highly accurate data. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides cutting-edge tools to accelerate application development with REST-ful APIs and built-in calculation and analytical engines.


DMP provides a single authoritative language of finance for consistent representations of entities and relationships across the financial universe. Utilizing the underlying PAIX model ensures:

  • Unified Data Semantics
  • Authoritative Data Relationships
  • Consistent Meta Data
  • Automated Governance
  • Machine- and Human-readable Data Sets
  • Ease of navigation, integration, and extension

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Automated collection and processing across all sources and asset classes ensures you can access a complete, accurate view across all portfolios in a single data query. The DMP integrates across all portfolio, market, and proprietary data sources to a single unified model, allowing easy integration with proprietary software and services.

APIs & Data Connections

Utilize live- and batch-access to datasets through DMP APIs and integrations to accelerate development of powerful, data-rich applications. Directly connect to hosted databases for live access to large-scale datasets in any application.

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