Family Offices

The modern family office is evolving rapidly in response to an ever-changing market landscape. For this complexity, Family Offices deserve a world-class financial technology infrastructure to efficiently manage and grow portfolios for the future. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a rich, scalable infrastructure to effectively manage and grow complex portfolio for the long term. Leveraging full data transparency and automation across all asset classes, currencies, and custody relationships can optimize all aspects of the business for truly differentiated management.

Portfolio Managers

Better data makes for better decisions, and better decisions make for better performance. Fast, easy access to timely and accurate portfolio and market data can be key drivers to faster top-line growth. Achieving that requires a single, comprehensive view of high-quality data that can be purposed for portfolio and risk analytics, multi-party integrations, transparent reporting, and big data insights. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a single source to drive all aspects of portfolio management and growth.

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Strong models and strategies require data that is timely, accurate, comprehensive, and insightful. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a full data suite to drive the most complex modeling and analytical requirements. Automated data collection and processing paired with a streamlined data access pipeline create a powerful platform on which to build faster, easier, and with better information.

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Clients rely on their advisors for a transparent, comprehensive view of their portfolios for an understandable record of their history and a clear roadmap for the future. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) offers the tools necessary to provide differentiated value to clients through world-class data analytics and transparency.

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Transparent, accurate information about your portfolios and performance is critical whether you are an institutional or private investor. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides investors world-class analytics and portfolio reporting backed by the same platform and services supporting major global banks.

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