Financial Data Management

Single Data Model

A single authoritative data model is used to harmonize all underlying data and data relationships;

  • Unified Data Semantics
  • Authoritative Definition of Relationships
  • Consistent Meta Data
  • Ease of Extension within the Financial Domain
  • Ease of Cross Domain Integration
  • Automated Data Governance
  • Machine Readable Data Sets
  • Ease of Navigation across Data Sets


Bitemporal milestones with full support for back dated transactions and audited positions;

  • Business and System Processing Dates
  • Trade & Settlement Dates
  • Daily and Monthly Activity

Empowering the Investor

Empowering the investor to overwatch their assets in their own particular investment ecosystem;

  • Execution and Performance
  • Investing in the best
  • The world around me

Empowering the Financial Professional

Any specialization, any expertise. Harmonized, high fidelity data is the foundational underpinning. An underpinning that also provide provides otherwise unobtainable, cross-discipline analytical opportunities.