Transparent, accurate information about your portfolios and performance is critical whether you are an institutional or private investor. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides investors world-class analytics and portfolio reporting backed by the same platform and services supporting major global banks.


DMP's consolidated view enables easy reporting and comprehensive "look-through" information about your portfolios, activities, managers, and funds. It provides an unbiased reporting of performance and risk metrics, as well as underlying characteristics affecting your portfolio. Understand more about your investments and control shared access to your data with advisors and other vendors, keeping control firmly in your hands.


DMP has a foundational focus on achieving and maintaining high fidelity, fully-integrated data with the accuracy and availability required for on-demand reporting and analysis. Quality means that data is not just accurate and reconciled, but that it has additional value-add from contextual insights and reference data for a more holistic understanding.

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Automated collection and processing across all sources and asset classes ensures you can access all of your data across all portfolios in a single view. The DMP integrates across all portfolio and market data sources to a standard model allowing easy integration to new software and the tools you already use, like Excel, Tableau, and other portfolio tracking tools.


Built-in performance and analytical metrics make it easy to see your investment scorecard on-demand and with full transparency. Automated calculations at any level in your portfolio hierarchy allow for comprehensive, focused reporting with minimal effort.

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All Asset Classes & Currencies

The PAIX model provides a unified language of finance to understand holdings and actions across any asset class and currency. Expressive definitions of any type of instrument enable clean apples-to-apples comparisons as well as in-depths analysis of exotic products from anywhere in the world.

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