Portfolio Managers

Better data makes for better performance. Fast, easy access to timely and accurate portfolio and market data can drive faster top-line growth. A single, comprehensive view of high-quality data that can power superior portfolio and risk analytics, multi-party integrations, reporting, and big data insights. The DiFi Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a single source to drive all aspects of portfolio management and growth.


Quality data adds value through contextual insights, useful references and connections. Data quality is not just a reflection of accuracy or consistency. Data quality is a reflection of the intellectual and operational capabilities of the data’s owner and is a key driver of the asset value of the data.

The DiFi DMP delivers quality data that reflects our customers’ proprietary IP, helps differentiate their businesses, and arms them to grow their portfolios. It maintains high fidelity, fully-integrated data with the accuracy and availability required to drive mission-critical business processes and analytics. The DMP helps DiFi customers turn data from a responsibility to an asset.

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Integration & Transparency

Automated collection and processing across thousands of sources ensures complete profiles of every holding, asset, transaction, cash flow, and investor. These profiles and historical data are unified to a common model that can be integrated into any downstream system across multiple business units. The DMP allows all functions to use their own specialized tools to access a consistent representation of your portfolios, activity, and clients.


The DiFi DMP integrates analytics and performance data to accelerate portfolio assessment and make critical metrics available everywhere quickly. This enables automatic, simple, cost effective syndication of analytical IP — common or proprietary tools; simple or complex analyses; broad or narrow access. The DMP’s analytical framework maximizes the value of organizations’ analytical capabilities while minimizing the cost and time necessary to add to them.

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All Asset Classes & Currencies

The PAIXTM model provides a unified language of finance to understand and analyze holdings and actions across any asset class and currency. Expressive definitions of any type of instrument enable clean apples-to-apples comparisons as well as in-depth analysis of exotic instruments from any source or location.

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